Going into this season, I was looking for an expert trainer to help take me to the next level.  And finding Don has been better than what I expected.  Don knows exactly what you need and is very good at finding weaknesses and developing a plan to make them strengths.  I am a much more complete athlete and am ready to take off in college and make a name for myself.  Don has been there every step of the way.  He has become much more than a trainer to me.  He has become a good friend.”

Jamauri Bogan

Western Michigan RB

Don & the rest of the staff at Beyond Potential have helped me take my training to the next level.  They go above & beyond what normal trainers do & help specifically with areas needed to gain an edge.  They spend the time to help kids that want to continue to improve.  I will stay with Don as long as I keep playing Football.  

Matty Mulcahy

Madison HS FB

Don taught me how to run better and improve my lateral movement. It helped my 60 time, my reaction on the field, and ability to steal. Each year we work on parts of my athletic development that I want to improve and turn it from a weakness to a strength.

Anthony Gomez

Vanderbilt Baseball; Drafted by the Marlins in the 6th Round MLB Draft

Every year, Don puts a plan together to prepare me for the upcoming season. His program includes strength and speed, but also focuses on keeping me healthy through the season.​

Anthony Fasano 

Tennessee Titans, Veteran TE 

Every year Don prepares me for the upcoming season. Last year he helped me come back from an injury to be stronger than I was before. We work on strength and power while maintaining the flexibility that I need as a pitcher. When I’m done with Don, I know I’m ready for the season.​

Dellin Betances

Pitcher; NY Yankees

My son Christian has been a shy child who normally was hesitant to play sports.  Beyond Potential and their staff have really improved his confidence & motivation.  His quick athletic improvements have shown him that getting better is possible & changed his attitude from shying away from sport related activities to be extremely eager to continue training.  He loves it. 

Michele Stoker

Mom of 8 Year Old Boy

Training with Don has vastly improved my overall athleticism. Don truly knows what he is talking about and his workouts have helped me reach my full potential. My performance in high school athletics have been greatly impacted by Don Sellari. He is a great guy too!!!

Connor Wujciak

Philadelphia Eagle FA DT

I have always had to work to overcome obstacles.  Don helped me overcome the fact that I was undersized and we worked on developing the power, size, speed, and quickness I needed to continue to play at the next level.  When I went to college, my training with Don really helped me separate from the others and get me noticed right away!!!​

Matt Delmauro

Former Bucknell Running Back

Beyond potential has been a second family to my son. His number one sport is football. If it wasn’t for Don and his awesome staff, my son would not be where he is today with his health, weight and the skills he has acquired. They have helped shape him to be a respectful and caring young teen.

West Caldwell

Don and the staff at BP have always been there for me from back when I was in high school developing my strength and speed to polishing my skills with specific drills to improve my craft whenever I come home. Don has a great ability to create drills that are specific to what I need & the most helpful.

Shakim Phillips

Pittsburgh Steelers FA WR