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Beyond Potential’s Complete Team (Group) Training Programhas been one of the most influential and successful programs BP has offered. This program is the closest a team or group of athletes can experience the comprehensive effects of the Beyond Potential Philosophy and gain access to the detailed approach to proper mechanics of fundamental, physical skill progressions integrated with the daily mental development  techniques.  BP's Complete Team (Group) Program has been easily and successfully implemented for every type of team regardless of age, gender, or sport (football, basketball, baseball/ softball, lacrosse, field hockey, & even crew).

The BP Complete Team Training Program has been an integral component of several successful High School, College, and Youth Programs making the program a cornerstone of their off-season preparation plan.  Unlike other off-season programs that are run by unqualified, inexperienced coaches to save money or keep things in house, the BP Complete Team Training Program is a detailed system of teaching and coaching.   Athletes progress through a curriculum of physical and mental skills that have been developed over years of experience perfecting as complete & efficient a program as possible.  The result is an amazing program is unmatched in its' success over the years including: 

  • ​specific approach to advance team speed & quickness 
  • the convenience of a simple, unified plan that not only prepares each athlete but the entire group/ team as well
  • special emphasis on scientifically proven training for the core & overall body strength 
  • systematically strengthens the body to improve power, explosion, & ability to react
  • includes social & emotional individual & team coaching strategies to advance team cohesion & continuity
  • improves the overall development of team mental skills such as leadership, overcoming adversity, & mental toughness
  • progressive sport specific conditioning 
  • program provides a framework for the physical & mental foundation of the team's overall athleticism
  • maximizes individual & team physical strengths while minimizes & corrects individual & team weaknesses

Program Design

Besides the awesome results, the flexibility of the design makes Complete Team Training  a no brainer. The team's coach/ leaders, along with the BP Staff, discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the team as well as the overall goals for improvement.   This assessment along with the age/ sport specific physical and mental needs of the athletes provide the framework of the program to be implemented. Each session progressively places a special emphasis on teaching specific physical and mental skills (perseverance, teamwork, focus, confidence...)  to stress the importance and systematically improve these skills both individually & as a group/ team.  

The BP Complete Team Training Program, optimally, has been set up to run once to three times per week for one week to three months prior to the sport season.  Program's can be run in the Fairfield Facility, at the home field or facility of the team involved, or a combination of both.  The goal is provide the most convenient, comprehensive physical & mental team training program available.  

​BP Complete Team Training has evolved into an amazing tool to provide an edge for your team. Our goal is to prepare the team both physically & mentally for the specific demands of the sport. BP will develop a strong bond with the team during this process in which we are building the overall athleticism of every athlete on the team while understanding that the team is the underlying principle.

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