Nick Mangum, BP Athletic Development Coach

     Nick is a former BP athlete who used the program to make arguably the greatest gains of the Beyond Potential Program.  As a young, HS athlete at Nutley, Nick was an undersized, uncoordinated, quiet, and shy athlete.    Nick's work ethic and relentless attitude, along with a well-timed growth spurt, contributed to his decision to make a total commitment to the Beyond Potential Program.  From there, Nick transformed his body, mind, and overall athleticism.  This transformation transferred to the football field providing the foundation for his physical dominance that helped lead the Raiders one step short of a state championship but springboarded Nick's confidence and ability which he displayed as standout DE for the Montclair Red Hawks.  

     At MSU, Nick majored in Exercise Science, interned, and immediately became the top coach at Beyond Potential.    Nick's experience, personality, & continued thirst for learning has fortified his overall stature at Beyond Potential.  Nick's experience as an athlete going through the Beyond Potential system provides the ultimate perspective.   His attention to detail, genuine care for his clients, & ability to assess & maximize moving efficiently have all played a role in his reputation as an elite performance coach.

Don Sellari, CSCS, MEd, Director of Training/ Owner BP, LLC

    Don Sellari has been working with athletes and adolescents for 15 years.  He has spent his life dedicated to improving other peoples’ lives.  Through his experience as an athlete and a coach coupled with his time teaching high school students, Don has developed a great understanding of developing, implementing, and motivating athletes/ people through a detailed individualized approach to working with each athlete not just physically but mentally.

    Beyond Potential’s programs and system of implementation are designed to cultivate an environment to foster an individual’s transformation in all future choices that may have a positive impact on achieving their goals.   Coach Sellari has developed a strong understanding of the need to maximize the mental component of working with others through his work as a Special Education teacher.  Focusing on the individual & understanding what makes them tick has become an integral component in how workouts are developed, how athletes/ clients are handled (motivationally, applying criticism…),  & how programs are implemented.

    Coach Sellari has worked with many professional athletes, college & high school athletes of all sports, youth athletes, and moms/ dads who are looking to get back in the best shape of their lives.  Coach Sellari is always on top of new trends in the Strength & Conditioning field & is one of the best when it comes to preparing the total, complete athlete.  His program is designed to focus on every aspect of athletic development & is always developing innovative ways to keep workouts fun & productive.