Pete Decilia, BP Athletic Development Coach

     Pete is another excellent example of the effects of the Beyond Potential program. Pete was a multi-sport athlete as a Nutley Raider excelling at football and baseball. Pete was one of the few baseball players who understood the importance of training and building his physical attributes in order to optimize his performance on the field.        Pete's natural athleticism along with his off-season work resulted in daily exhibitions of power & speed both offensively & defensively.  Pete has coached baseball at the HS level and played at the college level.  He has quickly become a top youth baseball coach building winning teams stressing athletic development and the fundamentals of the game.

     Pete's experience as an athlete learning the technical components of the program offers a unique ability to be able to pass on providing recent first-hand knowledge/experience of the principles and how they can benefit every athlete that joins the BP Family.   Pete's personality and caring attitude has made him  the perfect fit in the BP System.  His coaching style naturally draws in and inspires athletes to put forth the effort needed to be the best they can be.  Pete has a great future as a coach especially in the BP Program.  

Coach Chad Sajnoski, BP Soccer Academy Head Coach

Chad Sajnoski is a former multi-sport All-State athlete at Garfield HS.  He was a four-year starter for the Boilermakers Soccer Team and also an All-State Swimmer.   Chad continued playing soccer for William Paterson College and, upon graduating college, went on to play overseas at the professional level in Macedonia.   The turning point of his life occurred following a devastating injury that ended his career overseas.  Although disappointed, Coach returned to his roots and the community where he started with an opportunity to pass on what he had learned throughout his career.  After working as an assistant coach for the Garfield Soccer Team, he took over from his mentor and former coach, Mark Pieklo, to lead the Boilermakers to a State Championship in 2015.

Coach Chad integrates his experience in competition and sport with his passion for helping others.  He also uses his heartbreaking
career-ending injury as his fire to bring the best out of every student-athlete he can.  Coach Chad’s experience as a HS Special Education teacher also contributes to his detailed approach to motivate every athlete that he encounters.  Coach Chad’s personality, knowledge, and commitment results in a tremendous learning environment for every athlete he coaches.   He will do everything he can to modify his coaching in order to maximize the effort and growth and force his athletes Beyond their Potential.

Tyler Scott, BP Athletic Development Coach

     Tyler grew up in the suburbs of Chicago where he was an all-star athlete in both basketball and football.  His athletic prowess and smarts landed him a scholarship with the Northwestern Wildcat's football team.    However, it was Tyler's start at Northwestern that shaped his attitude & interest in strength & speed development.  Tyler had unfortunate injuries that did not allow him to play his first year at school. Watching and not being able to participate in games & practice fueled Tyler's dedication to the weight room & lit a fire to use the time being injured not only to rehab his injury but to build the strongest, fastest, most powerful foundation he could.  The result was not only success on the field, but in the locker room as Tyler was selected as a Captain his senior year and finished that year Second Team All-Big 10 leading the team in sacks with 6.0 & 10 tackles for loss.  He finished his career ranked 6th in school history with 16 career sacks.  His performance on and off the field was good enough for the Minnesota Vikings to take notice and grab him as a Free Agent for a short stint in the NFL.  

Tyler's patience & passion for helping athletes is evident in every session.  His love for training & sports makes Coaching the ultimate outlet for him.  He has become an awesome addition to youth classes as well as the older athletes who look up to him both in stature & in reputation.  I'm happy & excited to have Tyler on our team to see what the future beholds.


Nick Mangum, BP Athletic Development Coach

     Nick is a former BP athlete who used the program to make arguably the greatest gains of the Beyond Potential Program.  As a young, HS athlete at Nutley, Nick was undersized, uncoordinated, quiet, and shy athlete.    Nick's belief and relentless attitude drove him to make a total commitment to the Beyond Potential Program where Nick transformed his body, mind, and athleticism.  This transformation transferred to the football field providing the foundation for his physical dominance that helped lead the Raiders one step short of a state championship but springboarded Nick's confidence and ability which he displayed as standout DE for the Montclair Red Hawks.  

     At MSU, Nick majored in Exercise Science as Nick interned and coach at Beyond Potential.    Nick's experience, infectious personality, & continued learning has fortified his overall stature as a tremendous coach and staple at Beyond Potential.  Nick majored in Exercise Science & has learned & grown with the Beyond Potential system.   His attention to detail, genuine care for his clients, & understanding of the athletic movement has combined to result in the development of a rising star in the world of personal training and athletic development.

Don Sellari, CSCS, MEd, Director of Training/ Owner BP, LLC

    Don Sellari has been working with athletes and adolescents for 15 years.  He has spent his life dedicated to improving other peoples’ lives.  Through his experience as an athlete and a coach coupled with his time teaching high school students, Don has developed a great understanding of developing, implementing, and motivating athletes/ people through a detailed individualized approach to working with each athlete not just physically but mentally.  

    Sellari’s approach places much of the emphasis on the individual with the hope in making each client realize that the opportunity to achieve beyond their goals is 100% possible, however, the choice goes beyond a choice and more of a commitment to a lifestyle change that will affect everything they intend on accomplishing.  The idea is to use the new commitment to improving how they look, feel, and perform on a field/ court & carry that commitment into the rest of their life. 

    Beyond Potential’s programs and system of implementation is designed to cultivate an environment to foster an individual’s transformation in all future choices that may have a positive impact in achieving their goals.   Coach Sellari has developed a strong understanding of the need to maximize the mental component of working with others through his work as a Special Education teacher.  Focusing on the individual & understanding what makes them tick has become an integral component in how workouts are developed, how athletes/ clients are handled (motivationally, applying criticism…),  & how programs are implemented.

    Coach Sellari has worked with many professional athletes, college & high school athletes of all sports, youth athletes, and moms/ dads who are looking to get back in the best shape of their lives.  He has been the Nutley High School Strength & Conditioning Coach for 8 years and spends the rest of his time coaching youth sports with his son Dante.  He is married for over 10 years and has 2 dogs & 1 cat.   Coach Sellari is always on top of new trends in the Strength & Conditioning field & is one of the best when it comes to preparing the total, complete athlete.  His program is designed to focus on every aspect of athletic development & is always developing innovative ways to keep workouts fun & productive.