-Prerequisite Class-

Foundations of Alpha Athlete
       Beyond Potential requires all athletes to enroll in Foundations of Alpha Athlete prior to entering the Alpha Athlete training program.  Foundations of AA is a pre-requisite to the Alpha Athlete is designed for the following: 
1.  Introduce & familiarize new athletes with the most important movements, skills, and principles of the Alpha Athlete Training System
2.  Allow new participants to learn & get comfortable with the facility,  the flow of the classes, the coaches that will be working with them.  Starting in a smaller, more individualized setting allows a smoother transition.
3. Foundations of Alpha Athlete serves as a comprehensive assessment for all new athletes.  This assessment includes:
  A.  Functional Movement Screen (FMS) to provide an overview of the stability & mobility of an athlete
     B.  Scores of standard assessment tests providing baselines in areas such as speed, agility, strength, power, & flexibility.  
     C.  Rating in the overall mechanics of every aspect of athletic development.

 At the end of the program, the BP Staff will consult with each athlete & use each athlete's Individualized Athletic Report Card that breaks down the assessment and shows the strengths & weaknesses of the athlete.  The coach along with the parents and the athlete/ client discuss the results, set up specific goals to improve upon, & decide the best training plan going further to achieve these goals.   

     Alpha Athlete has evolved into a powerful training program transforming many into the top local players in their respective sport.  Our goal is to build a foundation of physical and mental skills and a framework of overall athleticism designed to transcend each participant's performance.
     Alpha Athlete is an opportunity that will alter the trajectory of an athlete's future in sport & beyond.