Beyond Potential was Built on the Pillars of Respect, Knowledge, Over Delivering, & FAMILY

        Incorporating a lifetime full of experience playing sports, coaching, learning, & training has resulted in the most complete, comprehensive training program possible.  The goal is to attract young athletes/ clients and provide a long-term plan serving as their guide not only as their trainer, but as their coach, mentor, nutritionist, recruiting guide, and mentor in all areas related to sports.  Our programs are designed to be modified for the unique needs & interests of any variety of clients. 

        When athletes commit themselves to our programs, Beyond Potential will become dedicated to providing everything we can to define their goals & motivate them in achieving them.  Training with Beyond Potential goes beyond the traditional idea of weightlifting and speed training.  The clients, the staff, & everyone involved forging a tight bond that serves as the Ultimate Environment.  This climate is highlighted by a sense of Team/ Family that serves as motivational energy to help clear distractions, maintain focus, & inspires clients to break mental & physical barriers. 

"Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless, and add what is essentially your own"~  Bruce Lee

      When it comes to our training methods, I can best explain it by comparing what Bruce Lee did with Martial Arts.  Much like Martial Arts, certain training methodologies are designed specifically for results like:


-STRENGTH (Power Lifting/ Strongman)


However, classes like Yoga or HITT training do not comprehensively develop physical attributes that are needed to become a Complete Athlete.  The Beyond Potential Program incorporates some great aspects of CrossFit, Strongman, Powerlifting, Speed & Agility, & Yoga to provide the perfect blend of training techniques modified to the interests, needs, & goals of our clients.  This type of training, along with our amazing staff of staff, provide an intense, competitive, training environment that keeps shocking the body with different demands. The goal is to find a system that fits the needs of our clients and transforms their mental outlook.  Most clients buy in & look forward to coming in each & every day.


Don Sellari, Director/ Owner of Beyond Potential