Beyond Potential

Advanced Baseball & Softball Training

315 Fairfield Road

Fairfield, New Jersey 07004


Why choose BP?

1. The MOST IMPORTANT aspect of Sports Preparation is developing a foundation of Strength & Athletic Development (speed, agility, explosion, balance & coordination) no matter what sport you play.  

2.  BP Programs are designed to systematically teach EVERY FACET of athletic development, starting with fundamentals and progressing to as sport specific as possible.

3.  BP is DEDICATED to teaching every participant.  BP's staff, lead by Don Sellari, has almost 20 years experience modifying programs based on the individual needs of athletes from all sports, genders, from the youth to professional level (BP Athletes include NFL, MLB, NBA, and a wide variety of NCAA Athletes from all sports)

4.  Committing to BP Programs has proven to result in significant physical and mental gains that translate to improved performance on the field of play.