NJ's Ultimate Hybrid Training Program (2 Main Components)

Athletic Development Component

-teaches the proper techniques of strength training 

-learn the correct mechanics of fundamentals of athleticism 

-improves coordination, balance, & overall athleticism

-integrates Combine Specific Component (age appropriate) to learn mechanics, techniques, & cheats of 40 yard dash, 5-10-5 (Pro Agility), & Broad/Vertical Jump

-provides a powerful foundation of athleticism for advanced performance in any sport

Football Specific Component

-teaches the details of the game of Football

-alternates between Offensive & Defensive Days

-provides expert instruction on the techniques, rules, responsibilities, position-specific skills, & detailed understanding of the game

Lead by Experienced/ Certified  Athletic Development Coaches
-USA  Youth Tackle FB Certified (Safety)

-Integrates USA FB Curriculum of most important skills
-Top Notch Local HS Coaches

The Ultimate Weapon to Dominate the Gridiron!

Alpha Athlete Assessment (evaluate overall athleticism of athletes to uncover strengths & weaknesses)

                               ***Combine Specific Training to learn, practice, & maximize performance in the most influential tests used by scouts and coaches to assess athletes.  Focus on the 40 yd Dash, Vertical & Broad Jump, and Pro Agility Tests (game changer in the game of football)***

Youth Class (grades 3rd- 5th)
 breaks down athletes to Offensive Skill & Line Groups (6-7pm)
MS/HS Class (grades 7th-up)  break class into  QB/ RB/ WR/ OL/ DL/ LB/ DB training (7-815 pm)
Tuesdays and Thursdays (alternating Offense & Defense Days)
Spring FB-  April  17th- June 21st

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Sport Hybrid, Combo Strength, Speed, & Sport Specific Class



T.J. Clemmings Offensive Tackle for the Washington Redskins


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The comprehensive scope of the Complete Football Program includes the following:

Athletic Development

-Detailed system of training designed to build a foundation of athleticism 

-Emphasis on teaching the proper mechanics of every aspect of athletic development

-Progressively develop a framework of athleticism that results in a mechanically efficient athlete

-Improves the Coordination, Speed, Quickness, & Agility of Athletes

-Integrates teaching methods that are designed to improve important mental attributes the improves confidence 

-Teaches key athletic fundamentals that immediately translates to performance in football


-A detailed system of Strength Training to systematically develops stability & maximize football specific power 

-Teaches athletes the correct training techniques/ form of fundamental lifts to maximize gains & reduce the risk of injury

-Introduces young athletes to the importance of training & nutrition in their long-term success 

Football Specific Training

-Places emphasis on teaching the fundamentals of the game (USA Certified Heads Up Tackling/ Blocking)

   *Tackling/ Blocking/ Hitting

   *Throwing & Catching

   *Ball Handling/ Running/ Cutting

-BP integrates a detailed curriculum for position specific  (for age-appropriate athletes) FB training

-Integrates progression of competitive skills that improve the physical & mental ability of participants

Combine Preparation (age appropriate athletes only)

-Complete FB integrates combine specific technique development into fabric of each class

-A detailed system of teaching the forty, pro agility, & vertical/ broad jump 

-Teaches these tests by breaking them down, teaching technique, & practicing tests to maximize score

-Provides a baseline & assessment (at beginning & end) in order to gauge strengths & weaknesses & show results

Flexibility/ Mobility

-Learning the techniques of fundamental movement also incorporates the body's ability to perform them successfully

-Dynamic, Isometric, PNF, Static, & Active Flexibility are all integrated into the Complete FB Program

-Improving the range of motion while maintaining stability (strength of joints to move efficiently & safely) is also an important facet especially because of the inherent mechanical issues youth face due to long periods of sitting (at school desks, sitting watching TV or playing video games)

-Yoga Fit is a BP Program that is integrated into the Complete FB Program to more directly improve these areas (Yoga Fit is lead by Maddy who is a certified Yoga specialist, with special focus on restorative yoga & youth yoga which directly relates to our participants)

Example Daily Schedule of Complete Football Class
7-710Check-in/ Dynamic Warm-up/ Stretch

Strength & Speed Training Circuit 

-Sled Push and Sled Pull

-Zig Zag Cone Series- change of direction

-Upper Body Strength Series- push-pull-core


FB Offensive Position Specific Period

QB- Throw/ 3 Step/ Hand-off/ Quick Game

RB- Stance-Start/ Ball Handling- Cuts/ Handoff-Quick Game Routes


750-815One v Ones/ Group-Team Play/ Competitive Finisher


      CFT integrates Strength, Speed, & Athletic Development training with a detailed, progressive system of position specific (age appropriate) football development.  Complete Football is a tremendous opportunity for athletes not only to learn the game of football but to develop a foundation of physical and mental skills to maximize their success.  The combination & design of the program, coupled with expert coaching techniques and knowledge, results in a game-changer for all participants involved.  

      Complete Football's main focus is developing the fundamental football-specific skills paramount to the safety and future success of all participants.  Building each athletes' physical and mental foundational skills, while doing the same on the overall athletic development side results in a comprehensively prepared athlete.

      Since the start of BP's CFP over 10 years ago, each year's results, both immediate & longer term, continue to amaze me.  I am most appreciative of the athletes that seem to "get it" during the training.  The challenge of being a part of a difficult program, and receiving praise for making strides amidst peers that are often the elite athletes in the area can be a very powerful experience.  For many participants, CFT LIGHTS a FIRE within them, and this fire springboards into awesome future success.  The list of football players that have taken Complete Football over the years include several local HS All-Staters, Division I College Footballers, & even several Professionals (*check out the list of former participants above) is just a sample of the program's success.

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Spring Weekly Training Schedule

4-5pm MS-HS Complete Athlete6-7pm Youth Complete Football4-5pm MS-HS Complete Athlete
6-7pm Youth Complete Football
4-5pm MS-HS Complete Athlete
11-12pm Youth Complete Athlete
5-6pm Youth Complete Athlete7-815pm MS/HS Complete Football
5-6pm Youth Complete Athlete
7-815pm MS/HS Complete Football
5-6pm Youth Complete Athlete
12-1pm MS/HS Complete Athlete
6-7pm Make-up
6-7pm Make-up

*Complete Football starts April 10th and runs through the end of June

~Complete Athlete is a group Strength, Speed, & Athletic Development Class designed to systematically teach participants to be mechanically efficient, strong, explosive, & confident athletes.

~Complete Football is BP's Hybrid Sport Specific Training program designed to improve the Specific Football Skills while developing a foundation of athleticism, strength, & power.


Complete Football Former Participants

     Spring Football has over 10 years of success, providing the foundation and edge that hundreds of local athletes have taken advantage of over the years.  Sports like baseball and lacrosse distract many football athletes from the opportunity but the most committed players are the ones that rise to the top every season.  The following are just a few of the top players that took advantage of Complete Football.