Introduction to Complete Athlete
Beyond Potential's, 2 Class, Introductory Program

Pre-requisite for Beyond Potential Training  (not including Hybrid Training Programs like Complete Football, Hoops, Baseball/ Softball, Lax, & Soccer)

1.  Introduction to Alpha Athlete is designed to introduce and familiarize all new members of the most important principles, mechanics, and techniques BP programs are built upon.

2.  A Detailed, Comprehensive Assessment provides a baseline for all new members.   Results from the assessment & class are summarized though BP's Athletic Development Report Card (see below) providing a complete overview of each athlete's physical and mental strengths and weaknesses.  It is from this assessment that goals, objectives, and the focus of the program will be developed.  

3.  Provides an opportunity for the BP Coach(s), Athlete/ Client, & Parents to go over the results of the BP Athletic Assessment indicating any areas of strengths &/ or weaknesses.  Specific Goals & Objectives will be set during this time & discussion on which class will be the optimal path for achieving those goals.  (Alpha Athlete, Sport Specific Training, Personal or Small Group Class?)