BP Classes:

Complete Soccer Training

     Complete Soccer is another Hybrid Sport, Speed, & Strength class offered at Beyond Potential.   Complete Soccer uniquely integrates BP's Complete Athlete curriculum with a sport-specific component that allows athletes to immediately take newly learned athletic skills and translate them into soccer-specific performance.  

     Complete Soccer Training includes a soccer-specific component that emphasizes the fundamentals of the game and builds from there.  The soccer training is lead by director of Soccer training at Beyond Potential, Chad Sajnoski.  Coach Chad is the Head Varsity Coach for Garfield HS where he was a standout, four-year starter who went on to play at the professional level in Macedonia.  Coach Chad, along with the BP Athletic Development Staff, implement a comprehensive, detailed plan to prepare athletes and equip them with every physical and mental skill needed to dominate the pitch.

Complete Soccer Class includes:

  • Dribbling 
  • Shooting
  • Passing and receiving
  • Defense
  • Ball Skill Development
  • Strength & Power (age & experience specific)
  • Speed & Agility
  • Mobility & Flexibility
  • Sport-Specific Conditioning
  • Mental Skill Development

Complete Athlete Program Description

     Beyond Potential's core group training class that offers a comprehensive, unique blend of every component of athletic development needed to maximize their potential.  The Complete Athlete system is a detailed program built over 15 years of implementing, learning, assessing, & tweaking designed to build a foundation of physical and mental skills for future athletic success.

The Complete Athlete Training Program includes the following components:

Dynamic Warm-up

  • Improves Flexibility
  • Enhances Neuromuscular Functioning
  • Increase body temperature and blood flow to muscles for a maximized workout

Pre-Hab/ Muscle Activation/  Myofascial Release

  • Strengthen important joints, tendons, and ligaments to reduce the chance of injury
  • Improve the functioning of the body by activating the appropriate muscles 
  • Develop the mobility of the body to maximize efficiency & reduces energy leaks in the body

Upper and Lower Explosion Component

  • Upper and Lower Body Plyos
  • First Step Quickness & Explosion
  • Develop Extremely Important Transfer of Power from the Lower Body through the Hips on a Transverse Plane (opening hips on change direction, throwing, & hitting..)

Strength Training

The unique strength training philosophy of BP provides a critical opportunity to learn & develop a foundation of strength and understanding that is essential in today's competitive world of sports. Training has become an integral component of sports development and is required by any athlete interested in being successful in any sport.  The tremendous effects of strength training, not only on the performance of an athlete, but the reduced risk of injury may be much more important than strength training's effects on developing a powerful, quick, and explosive athlete.  You cannot play your best if you're injured.  

Athletic Development
Teach mechanics of basic athletic movements
Teach speed, change of direction, and agility

Cool Down/ Flexibility/ Energy System Enhancement
Systematically condition the body specific to the demands of each athlete’s sport

Complete Athlete Philosophy

The CA System is built on a foundation of fundamental emphasis.  A core focus is predicated on movement efficiency (proper mechanics), developing a solid core of strength (to maximize the power & explosion), & promoting a motivational, encouraging, & supportive environment.  

All classes place an emphasis on the social-emotional component to improve the mental aspect of the athlete.  The overall goal is to implement every aspect of training needed to equip participants with the mental & physical skills required for sports success.


Complete Football Program

     The Complete Football Program at Beyond Potential is a comprehensive, progressive football prep system of classes that teach young and advanced athletes the physical and mental skills needed to maximize an athlete's potential on the gridiron. UFP is a detailed, unique program providing the following:

-CFT offers coaches the time to spend reviewing and teaching everything from the fundamentals & responsibilities of the game to advanced schemes that coaches spend little time on during the season.
-CFT improves the confidence & important mental attributes of young athletes by specific coaching techniques like positive reinforcement & constructive criticism.
-And finally, Ultimate FB blends position specific offensive and defensive training of the game with strength, speed, and conditioning resulting in the most complete program available.

     Beyond Potential's training philosophy breaks down athletic movements or sport-specific skills to the simplest movement or skill.   The Chunking Training system results in the following:

1. Make it easier to learn & provides a greater opportunity to spend time on the fundamentals

2. Develop a foundation of physical & mental fundamentals 
2. Catch weaknesses or inefficiencies in the movements & correcting them immediately
3. Builds the confidence of young athletes due to their success in the process & understanding how it all fits in the "big picture"

The awesome curriculum, coaching method, and expertise of Beyond Potential Staff result in the Ultimate program for comprehensively preparing participants for the game of football.

 All classes will group participants into skill positions and line positions as well as age and skill level to reduce downtime, increase individual attention & feedback, and focus on appropriate skills.  

Beyond Potential also offers individual and small group training focusing on position-specific skill development.  Team training for High Schools and Youth Teams are great programs to prepare for the football season.