Alpha Athlete is Beyond Potential's core small group training program. Alpha Athlete is a unique, constantly evolving system of training that is designed to comprehensively prepare each athlete for the physical & mental demands of their sport.   The AA Training System progressively builds a complete foundation of athleticism by initially focusing on the most fundamental skills & mechanics while concurrently building a base of strength, stability, & power.    

WHY AA is Special?

Alpha Athlete incorporates the positive aspects of individualized training like (1) coach-athlete attention & (2) detailed individualized modifications & corrective prescriptions built into each workout

While also delivering the benefits of the group/ team training setting including

(1) Teamwork (2) Camaraderie (3) Competition (4) Teamwork (5) Confidence (6) Maximized effort.  

Alpha Athlete Group Age Breakdown:

Middle School Complete Athlete (ages 11-13)

High School/ College Complete Athlete (ages 14 -up)

The classes break up the athletes in order to group participants more closely related to their maturity, experience, skill levels, & overall needs.   The aim is to allow athletes of all sports to train with peers that are all there for the same reason, to become the best they can be.  The focus of each class is on teaching technique, mastering it, and progressing to more advanced skills.

-Alpha Athlete Assessment & Prerequisite-

Foundations of Alpha Athlete

       Beyond Potential requires all athletes to enroll in Foundations of Alpha Athlete prior to entering the Alpha Athlete training program.  AA 101 is a pre-requisite to the Alpha Athlete is designed for the following: 

1.  Introduce & familiarize new athletes with the most important movements, skills, and principles of the Alpha Athlete Training System

2.  Allow new participants to learn & get comfortable with the facility,  the flow of the classes, the coaches that will be working with them.  Starting in a smaller, more individualized setting allows a smoother transition.

3. ALPHA Athlete 101 also serves as a comprehensive assessment for new athletes.  This assessment includes:

     A.  Functional Movement Screen (FMS) to provide an overview of the stability & mobility of an athlete

     B.  Scores of standard assessment tests providing baselines in areas such as speed, agility, strength, power, & flexibility.  

     C.  Rating in the overall mechanics of every aspect of athletic development.   

 At the end of the program, the BP Staff will consult with each athlete & use each athlete's Individualized Athletic Report Card that breaks down the assessment and shows the strengths & weaknesses of the athlete.  The coach along with the parents and the athlete/ client discuss the results, set up specific goals to improve upon, & decide the best training plan going further to achieve these goals.   

     Alpha Athlete has evolved into a powerful training program transforming many into the top local players in their respective sport.  Our goal is to build a foundation of physical and mental skills and a framework of overall athleticism designed to transcend each participant's performance.

     Alpha Athlete is an opportunity that will alter the trajectory of an athlete's future in sport & beyond. 


Alpha Athlete curriculum includes:

Speed Development 

Acceleration, deceleration, linear & lateral running efficiency, basic to advanced movement mechanics, quickness, change of direction, and coordination

Strong/strict emphasis on teaching technique, includes core, lower, & upper body

Upper & lower body plyometrics, Olympic lifts, medicine ball, jumping, and landing techniques

Myofascial release (foam rolling), stretching techniques, & muscle activation

Learn/ improve hand-eye coordination, reaction training, sport-specific development

Injury Reduction
Identify & correct muscle imbalances, lack of mobility, or stabilization

Prepare athletes for the physical & mental demands of the game

Provide athletes with sample diets, advice, and tips on proper nutrition/ supplementation  


Pre-requisite for Alpha Athlete class is Complete Athlete 101