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The Complete Athlete Program is the core class at BP.  Complete Athlete is a group class that combines strength, speed, & athletic development in a motivating, encouraging setting. Complete Athlete is designed to build the strength of an athlete in order to further advance their speed, power, explosion, & coordination. These physical improvements, along with an increased self confidence & mental toughness, translates to greater success on the field of play.

Jamauri Bogan

Going into this season, I was looking for an expert trainer to help take me to the next level. And finding Don has been better than what I expected.  Don knows exactly what you need and is very good at...

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Our goal is to provide as comprehensive a program as possible for our athletes and clients. Bottom line is that we are here to make athletes/clients better and help them in any way that we can. If you have the desire and commitment to getting better then Beyond Potential can help you every step of the way.

Beyond Potential is now offering a unique, specific pitching total strength training programs designed for pitchers ages 13-up.  This program is an excellent option for pitcher's looking to improve velocity, reduce the risk of short term & long term shoulder injury, & improve the throwing endurance.  

Don Sellari, CSCS 

The current Strength & Conditioning Coach at Nutley High School and owner of Beyond Potential, LLC....





Our Philosophy at BP is to provide the most comprehenisve, efficient training at an affordable rate.   The idea is to elicit total commitment in order for to maximize the results.

Our Training incorporates the prefect blend of any training methods that fit our system of developing strength, speed, power, flexibility, mobility, lean body mass, & overall athleticism.