Beyond Potential's programs are designed to provide elite level coaching, teaching, & expert advice for anyone who is serious about athletics, fitness, &/or sports.  We have been working with Youth to Elite Level Athletes, along with the everyday person, for over 15 years.

Beyond Potential's training philosophy is focused on providing a HOLISTIC approach integrating the best methods available with a detail oriented coaching system.  Our classes are designed to provide EVERYTHING an athlete needs to maximize their athleticism & be successful in sports. Our unique classes result in the Most Rewarding Training Experience available.  Gain the BP Advantage and come be a part of our FAMILY!

The Complete Athlete Program is the core class at BP.  Complete Athlete is a group class that combines strength, speed, & athletic development in a motivating, encouraging setting. Complete Athlete focuses on the FUNDAMENTALS of athleticism to build a strong FOUNDATION of  strength, speed, power, explosion, & coordination. These physical improvements, along with improved confidence, will translate to success on every field of play.

Nick DeBari, Rutherford Basketball Coach (son also trains with BP)

Don really cares about people and kids. He is a tremendous teacher & coach who looks to influence anyone who needs it.   Don's passion and genuine interest is evident in his personality.  There is no one that I trust my son with whether it's concerning sports, training, school, or life.   I know he is obligated with his best interests in mind.

Complete Athlete


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Our goal is to provide as comprehensive a program as possible for our athletes and clients. Bottom line is that we are here to make athletes/clients better and help them in any way that we can. If you have the desire and commitment to getting better then Beyond Potential can help you every step of the way.

Don Sellari, CSCS 

The current Strength & Conditioning Coach at Nutley High School and owner of Beyond Potential, LLC....



Beyond Potential 

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