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Beyond Potential 

Dellin Betances, NY Yankees

BP's programs are designed to provide elite level coaching, teaching, & expert advice for anyone who is serious about athletics, fitness, &/or sports.

BP's philosophy is to offer a HOLISTIC approach integrating the best methods with a detail oriented coaching system.   Our unique, comprehensive classes result in the Most Rewarding Training Experience available.  Gain the BP Advantage and come be a part of our FAMILY!


Don helped me get bigger, stronger, and more explosive early in my career and continues to tweak my training to maximize my performance each season.



Why choose BP over playing or practicing my sport?

1. A difficult trend to be careful of committing too much time on Sport Specific Skill development before developing a solid foundation of strength, speed, or athletic development.  Eventually, this often results in frustration and injury. 

2.  BP Program are designed to systematically teach EVERY FACET of athletic development, starting with fundamentals and progressing to as sport specific as possible.

3.  We are DEDICATED to teaching every participant.  BP's staff, lead by Don Sellari, has over 15 years experience modifying programs based on the individual needs of athletes from all sports, genders, from the youth level to professionals in the NFL, MLB, & NBA.  

4.  The BP Program results in significant physical gains, however, it is the mental edge provided that, ultimately, is the most most influential in sport performance and BEYOND.